CryptoCurrency, The Future Of The Monetary System, That Could Make You
Wealthy. There has been a wealth explosion since Bitcoin first came out.
Bitcoin is still set to increase in price, along with other CryptoCurrency.

Central Banks are looking at bringing out their own digital currency, and
large corporations are recognizing that digital currency are the way forward
for the future of money. This is having a huge impact in pushing up the price
Bitcoin and other CryptoCurrency and stablecoins.

This is just the beginning of the Crypto Currency explosion, so take time to
educate yourself to get in on the great wealth explosion that is going to take
place in the Crypto space.

We are heading toward a cashless society

Since many crypto and stable coins are here to stay the governments and Central Banks have to find a way to still be in control of the monetary system, so the Central Banks are working on bringing out their Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) The following is a snippet of an article on CBDC:

As digital forms of payment continue to grow in number and popularity, we believe that there is a need for a government-backed digital currency that is safe, secure, and trusted. A retail CBDC is a digital version of physical cash. Issued by a central bank, it is pegged to a local currency and made available to everyone, everywhere. It has the same characteristics as cash – plus the added benefit of being digital. That means it can be used for payments in stores and online, and can be easily sent to friends and family. But beyond that – and equally important – CBDC fosters digital financial inclusion and serves as a bedrock for further innovation. We concluded that there is no existing technological solution that meets the fundamental core requirements of a CBDC. This is why G+D developed its own unique and innovative retail CBDC solution G+D Filia®Ref:

There is a petition that was circulated in the UK to oppose the implementation of a “programmable” CBDC for safety reasons. 

Petitioners are not completely adverse to a UK Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) scheme, however, they don’t believe a CBDC should be “programmable”. This would mean that the issuer of the digital currency would have control over how an individual is permitted to use that currency. Learn more

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