What is an hardware wallet and how do you use it?

A hardware wallet is a physical storage device that allows you to securely store your crypto’s as opposed keeping them on a crypto exchange.

It would be could practice to store most or all of your crypto’s on a hardware wallet, because exchanges go down, get hacked etc.

There are various makes of hardware wallets, such as Ledger Nano S, Ledger Nano X, Ellipal Titan, Trezor etc.

I personally use the Ellipal Titan, because I like the idea of a reasonable size screen.

Below are some pictures I took of my Ellipal it comes with charger cable, manual and an external 16GB micro SD card to download updated software from the Ellipal website for updating the Ellipal hardware wallet.

This hardware wallet works with the Ellipal App on your mobile phone and what makes it very secure is the fact that none of your crypto’s can be transferred out of your Ellipal wallet without you using the Ellipal hardware to verify and sign that you are the one making the transaction.

Sending crypto’s to the Ellipal wallet is straightforward and will go straight to your Ellipal wallet, the hardware wallet does not need to verify or sign to receive crypto’s into the Ellipal wallet.

I encourage you to do your research to get a clear understaning about crypto wallets, how they work and which one is right for you.

To keep your crypto’s safe I recommend using a hardware wallet to store you crypto’s which will keep them secure.

16GB Micro SD card

Charger connector and memory housing

Charger cable

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