The collapse of FTX Crypto Exchange have seen Crypto’s plummet. In my opinion this looks like a deliberate attack on crypto’s and crypto exchanges to try and discourage people like you and me from seeing crypto’s as a good investment, but I see this as a good buying opportunity. Not financial advise, please do your own research.

FTX  was Hacked and wallets on the exchange were drained of about $600 Million leaving FTX bankrupt and Sam Bankman-Fried is under scrutiny by (SEC) Security and Exchange Commissions. Reference

Use a hardware wallet to keep your crypto’s safe.

The best practice to keep your Crypto’s safe is to move most of your crypto off of exchanges and use a cold storage (hardware wallet) such as ledger Nano, Ellipal etc to store your crypto’s safely.

Lets get some perspectives on the latest situation in the world of Crpto’s. Check out the video below by Brad Kimes of Digital Perspectives.

Another video by Brad Kimes of Digital Perspectives that you should watch.

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