Crypto’s Have Fallen In Price, Where Do We Go From Here?

Over the pass few months the crypto world have taken a hard hit as the king of crypto's "Bitcoin" has fallen in price, so all the other crypto's and Stablecoins have also fallen in price, but is it the end of crypto's? I would say not!

Over the pass few years we have seen BTC go up and come down by big moves, and just as we think BTC is not going anywhere to make us any real money we cut our losses and bail out only to see it start climbing up again and would have made us hundreds, thousands or even millions if we had hang in there.

I'm not a financial expert, but I would say to anyone holding any crypto assets such as BTC, XRP, STELLA or other crypto or stablecoins to do your due diligence and research to see which crypto's are a good investment and buy in the dip as they come down and hold onto them, because I believe the prices will turn and start going back up at some point.

I would also recommend holding some gold as the price of gold has been pretty stable and less volatile. Not financial advise. Do your research.

The following video by Dereck Plaza is very helpful to making your decision on crypto's

Also Checkout Digital Perspectives by Brad Kimes who keeps us in the loop with what is going in the crypto world, SEC and Ripple court case, (CBDC) Central Bank Digital Currency and crypto etc...

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